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FastVirtual Launches 24/7 Priority Support

June 5, 2004 - San Diego, CA

Web hosting service provider, FastVirtual, Inc., today announced the launch of their new 24/7 priority support program. The service automatically prioritizes messages from existing FastVirtual customers, and aims to provide super-fast response times of less than 60 minutes.

According to FastVirtual, to benefit from this system, existing customers need only include their account name in their message subject field. This is automatically identified and the message then bypasses the normal message queue and is sent directly to the next available support representative.

"This new system greatly improves response times, but also gives us the flexibility to answer questions in order of priority and urgency", said David Andrews, International Development Director of FastVirtual. "Customers who use our Web forms also receive a projected response time based on the current workload, so they know exactly when to expect a reply. A unique ticket number is also assigned to each message, so any support representative can review a ticket history and provide assistance, rather than the customer having to depend on any single person."

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Founded in 1998, FastVirtual, Inc. is a leading international web hosting service provider, whose quality and range of services has enabled both businesses and individuals to establish and maintain a top-tier web presence. With high performance ratings, multiple fully-featured plans and a competitive pricing structure, FastVirtual has become one of the most popular web hosting service providers in just six years.

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