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FastVirtual Releases New Web Management Software

October 15, 2004 - San Diego, CA

Web hosting service provider, FastVirtual, Inc., today announced the launch of Webby 4.0, the fourth generation of FastVirtual's online file editor and site management software. This new version includes image modification and optimization, grouped file management and HTML syntax checking.

According to FastVirtual, Webby enables users to edit files and images directly from within their browser, and does not require any special downloads or plug-ins. Users can also use Webby to manage their domain, as the software includes tools for setting access permissions, uploading files and creating directories.

"Webby has been a great success since we launched the first version back in 1998", said David Andrews, International Development Director of FastVirtual. "For security reasons, FastVirtual does not provide Telnet access, so Webby was originally developed to provide an interface for users to send common system commands. We've added features and enhancements over the years, and although the simple and easy-to-use interface has been retained, the current version is a fully-featured file editor and domain management tool. Webby 4.0 includes new tools for modifying and optimizing images, as well as a handy HTML syntax checker. We've also added the ability to manage multiple files at once, which is a big time-saver for larger sites."

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Founded in 1998, FastVirtual, Inc. is a leading international web hosting service provider, whose quality and range of services has enabled both businesses and individuals to establish and maintain a top-tier web presence. With high performance ratings, multiple fully-featured plans and a competitive pricing structure, FastVirtual has become one of the most popular web hosting service providers in just six years.

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