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FastVirtual Provides Vacation Email Solution

January 24, 2005 - San Diego, CA

Web hosting service provider, FastVirtual, Inc., today announced the addition of vacation autoresponders for all email hosting and email-enabled web hosting plans. This feature enables users to switch on/off user-configured auto-responses for all POP3 email accounts at the click of a button.

According to FastVirtual, configuring vacation autoresponders is easy. The service is enabled by simply ticking a box and entering the required auto-reply text. Messages are then delivered normally, but senders immediately receive the pre-configured reply.

"Autoresponders have always been provided with all FastVirtual's email-hosting and email-enabled web hosting plans", said David Andrews, International Development Director for FastVirtual. "However, standard autoresponders function as independent email addresses and cannot be configured to respond to messages sent to other POP3 email accounts. The new vacation autoresponders add auto-response features to existing POP3 email accounts, and offer a convenient solution for users who are unable to answer email for extended periods, such as while on vacation."

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