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FastVirtual Releases Email Management System for End Users

February 18, 2005 - San Diego, CA

Web hosting service provider, FastVirtual, Inc., today announced the release of an independent email management system, which permits email account owners to manage their own settings (passwords, filtering, vacation autoresponder, etc.) independent of the main account control panel.

Back in July last year, FastVirtual announced the launch of their advanced spam filtering software, which was to be provided free of charge with all email hosting and email-enabled web hosting plans. According to FastVirtual, this proved so popular that customers requested the ability for end users to manage their own filter settings on a per-account basis. In response, FastVirtual created a complete email management system, enabling mailbox owners to independently manage all their own email settings, including passwords, email filtering and vacation autoresponders.

"Previously, email settings could only be configured and managed from the main account control panel", said David Andrews, International Development Director for FastVirtual. "The control panel provides access to all hosting account settings, so granting access to individual mailbox owners would not be good policy. This meant that account owners/administrators were responsible for configuring and maintaining email filtering settings for all their users. As a result of the new system, end users can now configure all individual email account settings themselves.""

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