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Lower Priced Hosting Plans with More Features from FastVirtual

August 29, 2005 - San Diego, CA

Web hosting service provider, FastVirtual, Inc., today launched a new range of web hosting plans, which are lower priced and include more features than previous hosting packages. New features include increased server space, more email mailboxes, greater bandwidth allowances and support for advanced programming and development technologies.

According to FastVirtual, web site owners realize that they need to offer much more than an "online brochure" if they want to compete in an ever-expanding World Wide Web. As access bandwidth increases and browser technology improves, users are turning towards more advanced development tools to provide unique and interesting content for their visitors.

"FastVirtual has always been committed to providing fully-featured hosting plans with ample resources as standard", said David Andrews, International Development Director of FastVirtual. "Web site developers are becoming more familiar with advanced scripting languages, such as PHP and Perl/CGI, so we have now included support for these technologies as standard. More customers are also adding ecommerce capabilities to their sites, so we now provide access to our shared secure server, as well as an easy-to-use shopping cart system with most hosting plans; higher end plans also include MySQL database support. The increased disk space and additional email accounts applied to all new packages was simply a proactive step to ensure we continue to meet the future needs of our customers."

"The reduction in pricing was made possible as a result of unprecedented growth we have seen during recent years. FastVirtual has always strived to provide exceptional performance and support at very competitive prices, so this was an opportunity to pass on some of our success to our customers."

About FastVirtual

Founded in 1998, FastVirtual, Inc. is a leading international web hosting service provider, whose quality and range of services has enabled both businesses and individuals to establish and maintain a top-tier web presence. With high performance ratings, multiple fully-featured plans and a competitive pricing structure, FastVirtual has become one of the most popular web hosting service providers over the past seven years.

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