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WHOIS Opt-Out Privacy Option

FastVirtual respects your privacy. We will not send email that is not required, or that has not been requested. We will not disclose details or web site URLs of our customers, nor will we publish your email address or contact information, except in strict compliance with ICANN regulations.

ICANN requires that registrars share information with registry administrators, escrow agents, WHOIS service providers, auditors, other registrars, and ICANN itself, through a publicly accessible WHOIS database.

Unless you opt out, we are required to include your domain name in the WHOIS database. However, the default setting for all domain names registered through FastVirtual is opt out.

If you wish to opt in, visit the "My Account" area of your account control panel, select "Account preferences" and change the WHOIS privacy setting to "opt in".

For further information, please see Domain Name Help.

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