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Advanced Spam Filtering

All FastVirtual Internet access plans include advanced spam filters, easily activated from the account control panel.

Spam filtering options include SBL, ORDB, DSBL, NJABL and SpamCop black list filtering, common pattern matching and bcc, defined address and IP rejection. All options are user-configurable and filtered messages can either be delivered labeled as spam, returned to the sender or deleted.

FastVirtual's Confirminator is also provided with all Internet access plans. When enabled, senders are required to confirm themselves before their message is delivered -- once they have done this, subsequent messages are then delivered normally. This unique tool effectively removes 100% of automated spam messages. And because message filtering is handled on your domain, email is not subject to delivery delays, such as those experienced by third-party filtering services.

For further information, please see the Spam Filtering Overview.

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