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Free Tools & Scripts

FastVirtual provides an array of useful tools to help you enhance and monitor your web site. All scripts are preconfigured, so don't require any programming experience to use, and are provided with all web hosting plans:

  • Advanced Counters - Add page-specific hit logging to your web pages - intended for advanced users.
  • Counters - Add fully-featured counters to your web pages - includes time/date stamps, and digit formatting.
  • Form Processor - A secure form processor with advanced features, including required fields, regular expression matching and verification of credit card numbers.
  • Guestbook - Include a fully-featured guestbook on your site, where visitors can leave comments, or view comments left by others.
  • Link Directory - Maintain a categorized listing of links on your site, where visitors can add their link, or view links left by others.
  • Postcards - Use your favorite photos and images to provide postcards on your site, which visitors can send to others.
  • Random Behavior - Include random content on your web pages, which changes dynamically whenever the page loads.
  • Redirect - Use a form submission to redirect users to specified URLs. You can use both option lists and buttons.
  • Refer - Ensure users download your important files from your site only; stop other web sites from 'hijacking' your content.
  • Site Search - Add a fast, index-based search engine to your site, which is preconfigured and simple to install.
  • Slideshow - Include an animated gallery on your site, where you can dynamically display your photos and images.
  • Web Drop-Box - Place an upload form on your site, enabling users to send you files directly from their web browser.
  • WWW Board - Add a discussion forum to your site, where visitors can post and reply to messages.

For further information, including code samples and demos, please see the Web Tools Guide.

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