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Unified Account Control Panel

FastVirtual's unified account control panel allows you to instantly add and manage Web Site Builder plans, hosting services, domain names and Internet access services from a single, convenient interface. Control panel features include:

  • Configure/view preferences and billing information
  • Instantly upgrade or add other services
  • Add and manage email mailboxes*
  • Much more

The control panel also provides access to the Web Site Builder interface. Web Site Builder features include:

  • Select or change your design template
  • Add or remove web pages
  • Add text, images and other content through the text editor
  • Configure Goodies*
  • Edit, resample or optimize images through the image editor*
  • Add forms to your pages*
  • Configure your guestbooks, blogs and photo albums*
  • Set up and activate your shopping cart*
  • Integrate with your payment gateway*

*Not available with all plans. Please see the plan comparison for specific plan details.

For further information, please see the Control Panel Guide.

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