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  • Advanced Counter Sample Log File
    Add page-specific hit logging to your web pages - intended for advanced users.
  • Counter Sample
    Add fully-featured counters to your web pages - includes time/date stamps, and digit formatting.
  • Form Processor Sample
    A secure form processor with advanced features, including required fields, regular expression matching and verification of credit card numbers.
  • Link Directory Sample
    Maintain a categorized listing of links on your site, where visitors can add their link, or view links left by others.
  • Postcard Sample
    Use your favorite photos and images to provide postcards on your site, which visitors can send to others.
  • Random Banner Sample
    Include random banners and other images on your web pages, which changes dynamically whenever the page loads.
  • Random Quote Sample
    Include random images, code, media and more your web pages, which changes dynamically whenever the page loads.
  • Redirect Sample
    Use a form submission to redirect users to specified URLs. You can use both option lists and buttons.
  • Refer Sample
    Ensure users download your important files from your site only; stop other web sites from 'hijacking' your content.
  • Site Search Sample
    Add a fast, index-based search engine to your site, which is preconfigured and simple to install.
  • Slideshow Sample
    Include an animated gallery on your site, where you can dynamically display your photos and images.
  • Web Drop-Box Sample
    Place an upload form on your site, enabling users to send you files directly from their web browser.
  • WWW Board Sample
    Add a discussion forum to your site, where visitors can post and reply to messages.
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