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FastVirtual Data Center

Ensuring maximum performance,
reliability and availability.

FastVirtual's data center is located in San Diego, California. With direct connections to Time Warner Telecom's Mission Valley SONET ring, the data center provides exceptional levels of performance and availability. Redundancy for power, connectivity, fire suppression and air conditioning also ensures steadfast reliability -- we strive to achieve 100 percent uptime for all our customers.

Our partners include APC, Cisco and Time Warner Telecom; industry leaders that strive to provide the highest levels of quality and service.

Data Center Racks Data Center Cable Management Data Center Power Management

The data center was designed to grow, allowing us add racks, power modules and batteries as needed. Our current capacity utilizes around 30 percent of available rack space. Existing racks occupy approximately 40 percent of the available area.

All rack systems are firmly fixed to the floor, and include seismic bracing. Data and power channels are separated, ensuring high quality data transfer. All servers are equipped with hot-swap power supplies and hard drives, and fully configured stand-by servers ensure minimal downtime in the event of a hardware failure.


The building is directly connected to Time Warner Telecom's SONET ring in Mission Valley, providing exceptional levels of reliability and performance. TWT optical fiber is fed directly into the data center. Redundant connectivity, also on TWT optical fiber, is provided by TWT and Global Crossing.

All connections use high quality hardware from renowned manufacturers, including Nortel Networks and Cisco. Network performance is proactively monitored, ensuring acceptable utilization levels are maintained, and connectivity is added immediately if required.

Electrical Power

Our comprehensive UPS system and high power generator enable FastVirtual to function as normal through extended power outages.

Our UPS system supplies 40KW. At maximum load levels this provides at least 30 minutes of power. Our diesel generator supplies 250KW, and is equipped with a 500 gallon reserve. At current load levels, this is sufficient to power all our systems for at least 7 days.

Should a long-term power outage occur, our fuel supplier can be on site within three hours. The generator can be refueled while running, so power and services remain uninterrupted.

Fire Suppression

The data center is protected by a state-of-the-art fire suppression system. The extinguishing agent is friendly to the environment, non-toxic and colorless, so technicians can return and restore power almost immediately following a discharge. The system is effective within ten seconds of discharge, and equipment can be restarted as soon as 60 seconds after the extinguishing agent has been released.

Climate Control

An advanced HVAC system ensures that the climate within the data center is maintained at an optimal temperature of 70 degrees, with 50 percent humidity. The system includes two air conditioners, two heaters and and one humidifier. Units can be independently serviced, so the system would continue to operate should any single unit fail.

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