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FastVirtual Web Hosting & Internet Services Customer Care  
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Company Overview

High quality web hosting, value-added domain
names and dependable Internet access services.

FastVirtual Data Center

Equipped to provide the highest levels of availability, reliability and performance for your online needs.

Latest News & Features

Find out what's going on at FastVirtual now, or what new features we have in store for the future.

FastVirtual was founded in 1998 to provide businesses and individuals with an affordable means to maintain a high quality web presence. Our focus on performance, reliability and customer care has ensured continual growth, and our servers are now home to personal, business and ecommerce web sites from all 50 states and more than 70 different countries.

We remain as focused as ever on providing an excellent hosting experience. With an array of value-added services, free tools and scripts and excellent levels of customer care, most of our customers have chosen FastVirtual based on recommendations from others.

FastVirtual Data Center Customer Care Representative Data Center Terminal

Domain Registration Services

While most providers charge additional fees for anything beyond a domain holding page, at FastVirtual we wanted to provide customers with a fully-featured domain name registration service, with all common options and services included as standard.

This was made possible with the launch of DomainDiscover in 1999; a company that has now grown into one of the largest registrars in the world.

We have managed to significantly reduce domain registration costs, as well as to simplify the entire domain registration and maintenance procedure. All settings and options are easily configured from a single, unified control panel, and all changes are instantly applied. Standard features include privacy options, email forwarding, URL forwarding, a one-page web, advanced DNS options and much more.

Data Center

FastVirtual's state-of-the-art data center was completed in 2003, and is located directly on top of Time Warner's Mission Valley (San Diego) SONNET ring.

Time Warner's optical fiber is fed directly into the building, providing exceptional levels of performance and reliability. With ample provisions for expansion, quality equipment from Cisco, APC and other market leaders, and redundancy provisions for connectivity, hardware and electrical power, FastVirtual is well equipped to provide many years of quality service.

Internet Access

The completion of our data center in 2003 provided the opportunity for further expansion of our services, and in 2004 we introduced point-to-point T1 and fractional T1 dedicated access services for the San Diego Area.

Dial-up access services followed in 2005, including basic 56K and faster accelerated dial-up; providing up to 5 times the speed from a standard analog connection.

Dedicated access services are available in select areas of San Diego only. Dial-up services, including accelerated dial-up, are available nationwide.

Customer Care

While other companies are turning to impersonal or third-party support options, FastVirtual remains committed to providing fast and friendly customer care. Support representatives are standing by 24/7 to provide assistance and answer questions by phone (toll-free), email, or via the priority support forms available through your account control panel.

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