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CGI, PHP & Databases

Guidelines, instructions and examples to help
you develop your scripts and databases.

Guidelines, instructions and samples to assist you in developing your own CGI scripts, plus tips to help you get your existing scripts up and running quickly. This section also includes details of alternative scripting methods for those unfamiliar with CGI, information about PHP and MySQL databases, plus other information to assist developers and programmers.

CGI Quick Reference

A brief summary of FastVirtual's CGI support, including configuration information, paths and version details.

CGI Programming Guide

Detailed information about FastVirtual's CGI support, including usage guidelines and samples.

Installed Perl Modules

Find out which Perl modules currently installed on our web hosting servers.

Writing Portable CGI

The best scripts are those that require little or no configuration. This section provides tips and guidelines so you can ensure your CGI scripts are portable.

Telnet Shell Alternative

For security reasons, FastVirtual does not permit Telnet access to shared hosting servers. This should not be an issue, as we provide innovative tools to assist you in managing your files and folders without the need for Telnet.

Server Side Includes (SSI)

Server Side Includes (SSI) allow you to include dynamic components in your web pages, as well as piece together HTML documents on-the-fly. Using SSI, you can update your entire web site by editing only a few files.

Scheduling with Cron

All FastVirtual web hosting plans may schedule a single cron task to run automatically each night.

Miva Dynamic Content

Miva Script makes server-side scripting as easy as HTML, and allows you to quickly and easily develop interactive web pages that are 100% browser independent.

Using MySQL

An introduction to MySQL, FastVirtual's SQL database system. MySQL support is included with our Platinum and Platinum Plus web hosting plans, and can be optionally added to our Gold hosting plan.

Using PHP

An introduction to PHP; a server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language that is similar to Microsoft's ASP (Active Server Pages).

Supported MIME Types

Details of all MIME types currently supported by FastVirtual.

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