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Hosting Features & Tools

Get to know the features provided
with your web hosting plan.

Guidelines, instructions and samples to assist you in using the features and tools provided with your web hosting plan.

Uploading Files with FTP

All FastVirtual web hosting plans include one or more private FTP accounts for managing and uploading files.

Using Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft FrontPage overview, including step-by-step instructions for uploading your web site using various FrontPage publishing methods.

Using Webby

Webby, FastVirtual's online web editor, makes it easy to manage your web site without the need for special software.

Access Logs & Stats

FastVirtual provides detailed, daily statistics summarizing your web site activity, including raw access and error logs.

Customizing Errors

Develop customized, informative error pages that exactly match the look and feel of your web site, instead of relying on generic error messages.

Password Protection

Restrict access to your web site (or individual directories) with usernames and passwords, or find out how to use password protection with Microsoft FrontPage.

Promoting Your Site

Easily register your web site with the most popular search engines using LinkMe, FastVirtual's free submission tool. Or find out about other 3rd-party submission services.

Server-Side Image Maps

Learn how to create server-side image maps  -- images with clickable "hotspots" that link to other pages of your web site.

Configuring Java Chat

Instructions for activating and configuring VolanoChat; FastVirtual's fully customizable Java-based chat room interface.

Anonymous FTP

Allow anonymous users to download (and optionally upload) files from a specific directory within your domain.

Additional FTP Accounts

Use additional FTP accounts to permit password-restricted FTP access to your domain, or to individual directories within your domain.

Additional Domains

Add additional domains to your account. FastVirtual supports web aliases, subwebs and HTTP redirects.

Data Recovery

Non-disaster data recovery is available upon request. FastVirtual can restore individual files or your entire site, provided the content you require was deleted within the last 5 days.

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