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Additional Domains

FastVirtual supports web aliases,
subdomains and HTTP redirects

Additional domains are supported with Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus web hosting plans.

There are three possible ways to add additional domains to your account:

  • Web Alias
  • Subdomain
  • HTTP Redirect

In addition to service fees, you would also be responsible for any applicable domain name registration fees. Alternatively, you could use a third level domain name with any of these options, which would not incur registration fees.

Domain Overview

  • Top Level Domains (also known as TLDs, or first level domains) include .com, .net, and .org, etc.
  • Second Level Domains include a registered domain name with a top level domain naming authority. An example of a second level domain would be
  • Third Level Domains are domains served at the local level to second level domains. For example, FastVirtual's subdomain hosting plans receive third level domain names, i.e. The owner of the second level domain has authority over third level domains.

Web Alias

A web alias is simply an additional domain name that points to an existing domain. For example, you might have your web site located at You could register the additional domain name and have it point to your existing domain.

It is possible to have email aliases on web aliases. However, web aliases do not support full email mailboxes.

Web aliases are easily added from your account control panel.


A subdomain is a directory on a domain that has been allocated its own unique IP address. As such, domain names can be mapped to subdomains, thereby appearing independent from the domain on which they reside.

For example, while a subdomain might be located at, this could be used with a third level domain as If you registered the domain name and mapped this to the subdomain, this would then appear on the Internet as, without any indication that it was actually a subdomain.

Please note that subdomains have limited functionality, and are only suitable for basic hosting requirements. Subdomains may have their own email mailboxes. Some of FastVirtual's web tools will work, but some will not, or do not work as expected. Databases and CGI are not supported on subdomains.

Subdomains are easily added from your account control panel.

Note: Subdomains are subject to fees. Please see the Plan Comparison for pricing information.

HTTP Redirect

An HTTP redirect simply redirects a domain name to another URL. This can be a domain, a directory on a domain, or any other qualified URL.

Unlike subdomains, HTTP redirects do not retain the name of the domain being redirected. Once the redirect is complete, the visitor will see the actual domain they are viewing, not the name of the domain that was redirected.

For example, if "" was being redirected to "", once the redirect was complete, the visitor would see "" in their browser address bar. If a subweb was used in this instance, it would still display "".

HTTP redirects are easily added from your account control panel.

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