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Password Protection

Restrict access to your web site with
usernames and passwords.

Password protection (access restriction) allows you to specify a list of usernames and passwords, which must be provided in order to access to certain areas of your web site. For example, you might password-protect a "clients" directory, making it accessible only to important clients.

Password Protection Using Webby

Use Webby, FastVirtual's online web editor, to restrict access to areas of your web site:

Note: Microsoft FrontPage users should not use this method.

  • Access Webby from your account control panel.
  • Select the directory you wish to password-protect and click on the "lock" icon at the top of the screen.
  • Choose "Password access restriction" as the access restriction type.
  • Choose "Manage users and groups" and specify the usernames and passwords.

For further information, please see the Webby Guide.

Password Protection Using FrontPage

To restrict access using Microsoft FrontPage, the directory you want to protect must first be converted to a subweb. To do this simply right-click the directory from FrontPage Explorer, and select "Convert to Web". Then follow these steps:

  • Make sure that you are connected to the Internet before opening FrontPage. Open the subweb you want to protect in FrontPage. This should be the subweb on your live web at FastVirtual, not your local copy.
  • Go to the Tools menu, select "Server", "Permissions" (FrontPage 2002/2003), or "Security", "Permissions" (earlier versions). Enter your account username and password when prompted and the FrontPage Administration interface will open in your browser.
  • Click "change permissions", select "Use unique permissions for the web site" and click "Submit" to apply your changes.
  • Click "Change anonymous access settings" and change from "On" to "Off". Click "Submit" to apply your changes. Now the only person permitted to access your web is you, with your main account username and password. You now need to add users.
  • To add your authorized users, select "Manage users". Click "Add user" and enter a username and password for your user. Select an access level and click "Add user" to apply your changes. Repeat this process for all the users you wish to add.

Any visitors to your web will be prompted for authentication. Only those users you have listed will be permitted access.

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