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Control Panel: Hosting

Overview of FastVirtual's unified
account control panel.

The hosting section provides access to all hosting features. From here you can instantly add and manage hosting plans, ecommerce features, access development information, configure your free web tools and scripts, set up FTP accounts, promote your site, view detailed traffic and resource statistics, or launch Webby, FastVirtual's online web editor.

Unified Account Control Panel Navigation

Hosting Services

The hosting services area lists all active hosting plans for your account, and provides easy access to all configuration options. You can instantly add new, or edit existing hosting plans and options. Simply select the hosting plan you wish to edit for access to all options for that service. You can have multiple domains and hosting plans under the same account. To add a new hosting service, simply click the "Add" button, select the hosting service you require, and configure your settings.

Hosting Management System

Edit Preferences

Allows you to specify your preferences for the selected hosting service, including log file settings, CD archive scheduling and traffic shaping options. Log file settings determine how long site statistics and raw log files are retained. CD archives can be scheduled monthly or quarterly, or you can select a one-time only CD backup. Traffic shaping can decrease bandwidth usage during bursts of high traffic during popular times.

Manage FTP Accounts

This section provides access to the FTP management system. From here you can add new FTP accounts, or edit settings for existing FTP accounts. You can grant account-wide FTP access, or restrict access to specific directories. FTP access can also be restricted to read-only.

Edit Site with Webby

This section provides access to Webby, FastVirtual's file editor and web site management tool.

Webby, FastVirtual's Online Web Editor

Webby provides a simple and fast method for creating and editing files, code and images, as well as managing folders and access permissions. Webby is browser-based, works with virtually all browsers and requires no special software or plug-ins.

Edit Commerce Settings

If your hosting service includes Miva Merchant, this section provides access to the Miva Merchant configuration area. If the BasicCart shopping cart is included, you can access your BasicCart configuration area.

This section also provides access to the SSL (secure sockets layer) configuration area. If you are using FastVirtual's shared secure server, there will be nothing to configure. If you have your own secure key (i.e. then this will be listed here.

If you wish to apply for your own SSL key, or manage your existing SSL keys, simply select "Add/Manage SSL keys". You can renew existing SSL keys, or create a new SSL request for your domain. You can either apply for your new SSL certificate yourself, in which case this system will generate your CSR and mark the key as pending, or you can have FastVirtual complete the process for you.

View All Stats

This section provides access to FastVirtual's detailed stats package, including resource usage, database utilization (if applicable), error logs and comprehensive traffic statistics.

Stats System

The stats cruncher is fast, fully configurable and displays the following information for a given range of dates:

  • Daily hits, page views and unique IPs for your site
  • Hourly breakdown of hits
  • Summary of files accessed
  • Summary of page referrals
  • Summary of clients accessing your site
  • Summary of browsers used to access your site
  • Summary of search engines used
  • Keywords used on the referring search engine
  • Summary of countries accessing your site
  • Error information

Install FrontPage Extensions

Allows you to install, remove, reinstall or refresh your FrontPage server extensions for the selected hosting plan.

Developer's Corner

This section provides details and version numbers for all software installed on your server, as well as details of all installed MIME types and Perl modules. If your account includes MySQL database support, this section also provides access to the database management system. You can also access the Perl Syntax Checker for checking the coding of your Perl scripts.

Free CGI Scripts (Web Tools)

This is where where you install and configure FastVirtual's free Web Tools, including counters, WWW boards, guestbooks, site search, photo galleries, postcards and more. Comprehensive documentation and samples are also provided.


LinkMe can submit your site to these major search engines in as little as 5 minutes. Once your site has been accepted, it will also be includes in other popular directories that feed from these results, such as Alexa and AOL.

You can resubmit your site as often as you like and there's no limit to the number of URLs you can promote. However, we do not recommend submitting your site more than once per month, as some search engines may consider this spamming and remove your link.

Note: Screenshots have been provided to demonstrate the features and ease of use of the account control panel. They do not show all available options and settings.

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