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Create an animated gallery of
your photos and images.

The slideshow script enables you to include an animated gallery on your site, where you can dynamically display your photos and images.

Slideshows are simple to set up and configure. Multiple slideshows are supported, with the only limitation being your own accepted levels of disk space usage.

The Slideshow works best with Internet Explorer. Although it works with other browsers (provided JavaScript has not been disabled), cross-fading of images and other dynamic features are not rendered.

A slideshow sample is available:

Slideshow Sample

How to Add a Slideshow

Follow these simple steps to add a slideshow to your web site.

  1. Create a folder and upload your images.
  2. Create your new slideshow.
  3. Configure slideshow options.
  4. Set display options and add captions for your images.

Create a Folder and Upload Your Images

Create a new directory in your document root ("htdocs") directory. This can be named as you wish, but if you plan on adding multiple slideshows, it would be best to choose a name that identifies this particular slideshow.

Upload the images or photos you wish to use to this directory. It should only contain your slideshow images. Do not upload web pages or other files to this directory.

If you wish to create your own thumbnail images, you should name these the same as the image they represent, but add the filename suffix ".thumb". For example, if your image is named myimage.jpg, your thumbnail for this image should be named myimage.thumb.jpg. If you do not create your own thumbnails, they will be created automatically the next step.

Create Your New Slideshow

From the "Hosting" area of your account control panel, select "FreeCGI" and click "Photo Gallery". Click "Create New Album", select the name of the directory you created in step 1 (the directory that contains your slideshow images), and click "Next".

Configure Slideshow Options

The next page confirms your slideshow URL, and includes all configuration options. Enter a title for your slideshow and (if you haven't already created thumbnails in step 1) select a maximum size (in pixels) for the thumbnails that will be automatically created. Also specify where the thumbnails should be displayed on the page.

Color options allow you to to select colors for your text, background and links. You may alternatively enter the Hex color value directly.

Select whether you want your slideshow to be animated, and if so, for how many seconds each image should be displayed. You can also select whether to loop the slideshow, or to end when the last image has been displayed.

When you have finished configuring your slideshow options, click "Next".

Set Display Options and Add Captions for Your Images

The next page displays the thumbnails for all your images, and allows you to enter optional captions to display under the images. You can also rotate any image if required.

Once you have entered your captions and rotated any wrong-side-up images, click "Finish" and your slideshow will be created.

Viewing Your Slideshow

To view your slideshow, simply point your browser to the following URL (where "yourname" is your actual domain name, and "slideshow" is the directory containing your images):

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