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Counter Parameters

Configuration parameters for
FastVirtual's counter system.

Advanced parameters for configuring FastVirtual's counter system. Please see the Counter Guide for instructions on using these parameters.

If no parameter value is specified, then the default value is applied.

Parameter Description Explanation Default Value
display=X Specifies what to display Values for the display parameter can be counter, clock or date. display=counter
timezone=X Apply timezone offset to time or date stamps The timezone parameter only applies if the display parameter is set to clock or date. Use this parameter to display the time or date from another time zone. The timezone value must be specified with a positive or negative four digit offset from GMT (i.e. timezone=GMT-0400 or timezone=GMT+0230). The counter system cannot automatically apply daylight saving time, so this should be allowed for when setting a timezone value. None
tformat=X Time format in 12 or 24 hour Displays time in 12 or 24 hour format. Values for the tformat parameter are 12 or 24. tformat=12
dformat=X Date format The dformat parameter only applies if the display parameter is set to date. Values for the dformat parameter are MMDDYY in any order (i.e. dformat=MMDDYY, or dformat=YYMMDD). dformat=MMDDYY
ft=X Border thickness Places a border around the counter. A 0 value means no border. Values over 5 create a 3D effect. ft=6
frgb=R;G;B Border color Specifies the color of the border (in RGB or Hex).  If you specify the ft parameter without the frgb parameter, the default color is applied. If you specify the frgb parameter without the ft parameter, the border thickness defaults to 5. The color can be specified in RGB or Hex. Hex strings should not include a preceding "#" (i.e. to specify white in Hex, enter frgb=ffffff). You also can enter a color name (i.e. frgb=blue) to retrieve the applicable hex string. frgb=100;139;216
Transparency Specifies whether to apply a transparent color to the counter image. Transparency set in a .gif image is ignored. You must specify the tr parameter to apply transparency. A Y value means transparency should be applied. The default color (black) will be applied unless you specify the trgb parameter. Values for the Boolean tr parameter are Y, N, T, F, 1 or 0. tr=F
No Transparency
trgb=R;G;B Transparency color Specifies a color to make transparent (in RGB). If the trgb parameter is specified, you do not need to specify the tr parameter. None
md=X Number of digits Specifies the number of digits to display. Values for the md parameter are 5 through 10. Shorter numbers are automatically padded with leading zeros. Longer numbers are truncated to the specified digits. md=6
Without padding
pad=B Padding with leading zeros Specifies whether to pad digits with leasing zeros if the md parameter is specified. Values for the Boolean pad parameter B are Y, N, T, F, 1, or 0. pad=N
Without specification of a md=value
With specification of a md=value
dd=A Digit style Specifies which generic digit style should be applied in addition to the image styles. Values for the dd parameter are A through E. dd=A
Green LED digits
comma=B Display comma after every 3rd digit from right Specifies whether to place a comma after every third digit from the right. Specifying this Boolean parameter will automatically disable any padding settings. comma=F
chcolor=B Change a color of the image This parameter enables the following srgb and prgb parameters, which allow you to change a color in the digit image. chcolor=F
Target color to change and new color If the chcolor parameter value is set to T, any single color of the image can be changed to a different color using the srgb and prgb parameters. srgb is the image color to be changed, and prgb is the new color to use. Colors should be entered in RGB or Hex (i.e. srgb=255;255;255 or srgb=ffffff). srgb=00ff00
(0;255;0 green)
(0;255;255 cyan)
With chcolor=T
sh=B Show digits Specifies whether to display or hide the counter digits. The default value T will display and increment the counter. An F value will hide the digits, but the counter will still increment. When the digits are hidden, a transparent 1x1 pixel .gif file acts as a placeholder. Values for the Boolean sh parameter are Y, N, T, F, 1, or 0. sh=Y
incr=B Increment Count The incr parameter enables you to display the counter without incrementing the count. This can be used to access the counter for analysis without adding to the count. Values for the Boolean incr parameter are Y, N, T, F, 1, or 0. incr=T
Increment the counter on each invocation
lit=X Display literal The lit parameter enables you to display a literal, predetermined string. Values for the lit parameter are digits, a, p, : and -. None
negate=B Negate the color The negate parameter enables you to negate the color of the counter digits. The border is not affected by this parameter. Values for the Boolean negate parameter are Y, N, T, F, 1, or 0. None
degrees=X Rotate X degrees The degrees parameter enables you to rotate the counter image. Values for the degrees parameter are 90, 180, 270 and 360 (although a value of 360 is pointless, as it will rotate the counter back to its original position). degrees=270
With rotate=Y and without degrees=X
rotate 270 degrees clockwise
rotate=B Rotate On/Off The rotate parameter toggles counter image rotation between on and off. If you use the degrees parameter, the rotate parameter is not required. Values for the Boolean rotate parameter are Y, N, T, F, 1, or 0. rotate=F
Do not rotate
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