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Using Microsoft FrontPage 2000

Step-by-step editing and publishing
guide for FrontPage 2000.

These instructions are for FrontPage 2000 users. Similar instructions are also provided for FrontPage 2002 and FrontPage 98.

This guide is intended to give you a brief introduction to FrontPage editing and publishing features. For detailed information, please see your FrontPage 2000 help documentation.

Note: Before attempting to publish your site, remember to activate FrontPage extensions from the "Hosting" area of your account control panel.

There are two ways to design and maintain your FrontPage web:

1. Server-Side Editing

This is the simplest way to create and maintain your FrontPage web. Your web site is created on your domain, and all development and subsequent changes are applied directly to your live site. New FrontPage users should consider using this method.

2. Web Site Publishing

This method is slightly more involved. However, it allows you develop your web site on your local computer, and upload to your domain (publish) when you choose. All development and subsequent changes are applied only to your local site. Changes are then synchronized with your live site whenever you upload (publish).

FrontPage Troubleshooting Tips

  • FrontPage forms, page-includes, and other dynamic features require FrontPage's own publishing method. If you upload a FrontPage web using FTP, or other upload method, these dynamic features will not work.
  • FrontPage includes its own upload feature, which synchronizes files and appends details of changes to FrontPage configuration files whenever "publishing" occurs. If you are using FrontPage, you should avoid accessing your site using an FTP program, as this may corrupt the FrontPage extensions. Advanced users that need to use FTP should not edit ".htaccess" and "postinfo.html" files, as well as all files beginning with "_vti_".
  • When you attempt publish a FrontPage web, if FrontPage informs you that FrontPage extensions are not installed, that the web does not exist, or the "Web Publishing Wizard" opens, please visit the "Hosting" area of your account control panel and confirm that you have activated your FrontPage extensions.
  • Make sure you enter the full URL of your domain (i.e. as the publish destination. Also make sure your Internet connection is active before you attempt to publish your web.
  • If your Internet connection is lost while using FrontPage, you may not be able to publish your web, even if you re-establish your connection. Try closing FrontPage, reconnect to the Internet, and open FrontPage again. You should then be able to publish your web.
  • If you lose the navigation structure following publishing to your live site, first confirm that your local copy is working correctly, then log in to the "Hosting" area of your account control panel and reinstall FrontPage extensions. Wait 5 minutes to ensure the extensions are active, then re-publish your site.
  • If you continue to have problems, please contact FastVirtual Support, ensuring you provide your FrontPage version, and a detailed explanation of the problem.
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