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FrontPage 98 File Location Editing

Step-by-step file location editing
guide for FrontPage 98.

These instructions are for FrontPage 98 users. Similar instructions are also provided for FrontPage 2002 and FrontPage 2000.

Although FrontPage 98 is still supported, for improved stability and additional functionality, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to a more recent version.

File location editing should be used if you wish to develop your web site on your local computer, but you do not have a local web server installed. As with local server editing, all development and subsequent changes are applied only to your local site, and are uploaded to your live site whenever you choose.

Note: FrontPage forms, page-includes, and other dynamic features will not work using this method.

Part 1: Editing Your Web Site Locally

You first need to create a FrontPage web on your local hard drive. Enter a location such as 'C:\MyWeb' when creating your FrontPage web, then follow these instructions to edit your site:

Open Microsoft FrontPage and select "Open FrontPage Web" from the File menu...

Click the "More Webs" button...

Enter the full path to your web site (i.e. "C:\MyWeb")...

Double-click on "<Root Web>"...

You will be presented with a graphical view of your web site. Create and edit web pages using FrontPage's familiar explorer-type interface. You can add other file types by simply dragging them into FrontPage from other applications. New files you add, and any changes you make will affect your local copy only. Follow the instructions below to upload (publish) your web site.

Part 2: Publishing Your Web Site

Once you're satisfied with your local copy, choose "Publish..." from the File menu and select "More Webs..."...

Type (replacing "yourdomain" with your actual domain name) as the destination to publish to, and click "OK"...

Enter your account username and password and click "OK"...

Your local copy will then be published to your live web site. This process can take some time, depending on the size of your site and your connection speed.

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